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All of us have blended emotions in relation to monsoon. The wet season does deliver respite from sizzling sunny days, however the plethora of ailments that accompany it can’t be missed. The temperature and humidity are good for breeding of mosquitoes. That’s why mosquito-borne ailments like chikungunya, malaria and dengue are frequent on this season.

All of them are viral ailments which can be unfold to folks when they’re bitten by an contaminated mosquito. All these ailments are attributable to various kinds of viruses and are unfold by various kinds of mosquitoes. Not solely this, even the signs of the ailments are roughly the identical. Right here is how one can differentiate between these three mosquito-borne ailments.



Malaria is attributable to the transmission of plasmodium into the physique by a feminine Anopheles mosquito. These mosquitoes typically chew at night time. Plasmodium is a kind of parasitic protozoa. Vivax and Falciparum are the frequent species of Plasmodium present in India.


Signs of malaria begin to seem between 10 to 28 days after an individual is contaminated with the virus. In some instances, the indicators seem after 7 days additionally.

Sporadic excessive fever is the commonest symptom of malaria. The fever comes and goes at common intervals. An individual might have a excessive fever, adopted by profuse sweating and chills after which the temperature begins to rise once more. The fever retains on coming after 6-12 hours. An individual contaminated with malaria virus may additionally complain about constipation, nausea and stomach ache. Malaria may additionally result in jaundice resulting from lack of crimson blood cells from the physique.



Dengue is transmitted to people by feminine Aedes mosquitoes. These mosquitoes carry the dengue virus (DEN), which contains 4 distinct serotypes (DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-Three and DEN-4) and belong to the Flaviviridae household. The dengue mosquito generally chew throughout daytime or earlier than nightfall.


The affected person contaminated with dengue virus begins displaying signs inside Three to 14 days. The primary symptom contains high-fever adopted by physique ache. Fever could also be accompanied steadily with extreme sweating and complications. Some sufferers even expertise ache behind the eyes, which is called retro-orbital ache in medical phrases. Nausea, vomiting, fatigue, rashes on face and limbs, gentle bleeding and low blood strain are different signs of dengue. In acute instances, decreased urine output and breathlessness may additionally bother the sufferers.



Chikungunya can be transmitted by the identical feminine Aedes mosquitoes that unfold dengue. It’s attributable to the RNA virus that belongs to the alphavirus genus of the Togaviridae household.


The signs begin showing between Four and seven days after an individual is contaminated. The key symptom of chikungunya contains extreme physique ache, swelling within the joints and rashes in a number of elements of the physique. In extreme instances, the affected person might endure from physique ache. Swelling round fingers and toes and crimson eyes are additionally fairly frequent.



Listed here are some straightforward to stop your self from the mosquito bites:

Put on loose-fitted garments

Put on mild colored garments

Use important oil in house

Burn some incense stick

Maintain your surrounding clear

Take away standing water


06/6The underside line

Whereas Malaria might be cured by medication like chloroquine and artemisinin, there isn’t a identified remedy out there for dengue and chikungunya. The sufferers affected by dengue and chikungunya are typically prescribed painkillers and paracetamol. They could sound like frequent ailments however all of them can show to be deadly. So, prevention is the one option to preserve your self protected.