Akshay Kumar reveals he drinks cow urine each day. Here is how Ayurveda helps it

As per the traditional Indian medical system, cow urine is helpful for all. It not solely cures the signs of the illness, however its each day consumption retains continual sickness at bay. Listed below are another well being advantages of ingesting cow urine as touted by Ayurveda.

It’s claimed to be useful in treating leprosy, stomach colic ache, bloating, diabetes and even most cancers.

It’s taken with black pepper, curd and ghee to deal with fever.

A combination of Triphala, cow urine and cow milk is believed to assist overcome anaemia.

It’s thought of a superb detox drink. Ayurveda believes that cow urine can clear the human physique from the within out by flushing out all toxins, thereby decreasing the danger of continual illness.

Apart from, the fluid can be used for getting ready beauty merchandise like soaps and shampoos.

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