10 Vastu tricks to fill your house with constructive vitality

All of the constructions and properties are instantly correspondent to the electromagnetic forces of the Earth and radiation generated by different planets. Subsequently Vastu and Astrology are interlinked and share an essential relationship.
Astrology is nothing however science and results of stars, planets and different heavenly our bodies on human. Whereas Vastu is impact of these on human dwellings and therefore there is no doubt that 9 planets, 27 constellations and 12 zodiac indicators have affect in your place of business and dwelling.
That being the case, you should be cautious in regards to the structure of your workplaces, and houses. Right here I’m with some ideas and understanding about Vastu to make your dwelling house extra constructive and energized and likewise to soak up the utmost benefit of panchtatva (house, earth, air, fireplace and water).
1) The window on the East ought to be in a way that it brings most daylight inside the home because it brings prosperity to the home. Motive being, Solar is the soul (Atmakaraka) and is governing physique of Leo.
2) In response to the North East route of Ketu, It isn’t thought-about beneficial to have the main staircase close to the principle door entrance as it’s signal of delusion and is taken into account much less lucky.
3) North East is the route greatest appropriate for Pooja Room as it’s the route of Jupiter.
4) I recommend North and East each instructions to be very acceptable for the doorway door and retaining shoe racks right here could entice damaging energies.
5) Having greater than Three doorways of entrance shall be unfortunate because it signifies invitation to issues.
6) As per what our Astro Buddy Chirag suggests, work of scenic sight of river or ocean, or murals of flowing water and seascape brings in ample quantity of excellent luck to your life. 7) The Lord of Fireplace (Agni) is reign over South East Route and therefore it’s the place kitchen ought to be located. We additionally advise you to have platform in such route that one that cooks faces East.
8) Jupiter guidelines North East Route and therefore temple ought to be situated in North East route whereas images of deities, Gods and Murtis ought to face East Aspect and as per my steering you have to additionally keep away from retaining images of departed souls in temple.
9) We should keep away from photos depicting violence in the home because it attracts damaging energies from the constellations.
10) Moon guidelines the north-west route, and therefore that aspect of the home shouldn’t be dumped with wasted materials and shouldn’t be filled with darkness or the females of the home could endure ailing well being.
Attempt to use wind chimes in Verandah and crystals in bed room to keep away from fights between relations.
I additionally suggest you to take away all non-working clocks within the homes because it has damaging affect on the zodiac indicators of the relations.
— By Astro Buddy Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

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